What does program evolution mean for your operation?

We automate the review, analysis, and correlation of data within questionnaires, documentation, subscription data, cybersecurity solutions, and more, to complete your assessments for you, validating the controls.

If you add a new control, it is automatically applied to all existing assessments (*also retroactively).
If you add a data source, it is automatically applied to all relevant assessments (*also, retroactively).

Which leads to: Real-time 24/7 continuous monitoring across all sources and risk domains and concentration risk visibility at the press of a button.

Orchestration & Automation

Boasting a unique workflow engine, Mirato NG-TPRM streamlines TPRM, continuously collecting information from people, documents and machines while performing analysis and creating a feedback loop between data sources. Seamlessly scalable across unlimited data sources, the platform delivers ongoing insights, measuring and presenting a variety of KPIs that enhance prioritization for optimized risk visibility and operational effectiveness.

By reducing assessment duration and labor per third party, Mirato NG-TPRM frees your analysts to focus on higher value tasks, and substantially reduces costs. Integrating your risk model into Mirato NG-TPRM enables you to leverage tailored decision-making support for your risk management.

Single Data Lake

Collecting and reconciling data from an ever-growing number of sources into a single data lake, Mirato NG-TPRM provides a ‘single source of truth.’ Gaining insights from third parties and beyond allows for further and deeper analysis, detecting otherwise hidden relationships between all entities, and unveiling potential threats such as aggregation risk.

Output Consistency

AI-based Mirato NG-TPRM eliminates bias, subjective interpretations, or fatigue-based errors; ensuring output consistency regardless of input method or media. Unlock a standardized, replicable and fast TPRM workflow, and you are assured that the same risk factors are extracted from a document or any other data source, no matter how many times it is reviewed.

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