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Reduce Due Diligence Questions By Up To 93%
Complete TPRM Questionnaires In A Fraction Of The Time And Effort
Onboard Faster Without Chasing Third Parties, Line Of Business Or SME’s​
Increase Program Scale, Quality, Depth, with More Time For Strategic Decisions

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Mirato’s Questionnaire Killer© pre-answers up to 93% of your TPRM questionnaires

Using an advanced NLP Engine that reads, understands and correlates the relevant information within your third-party provided documents.

Eliminates Tedious, Repetitive Manual Effort For You and your Third Parties
Optimized for Financial Services TPRM
Automated Control Validation, Consistent Audit Trail
Applicable for all TPRM questionnaires (proprietary or industry standard)

Powered by Mirato’s award-winning AI, NLP and correlation engines

*Eliminates Tedious, Repetitive Manual Effort For You and your Third Parties

*Optimized for Financial Services TPRM

*Automated Control Validation, Consistent Audit Trail

*Applicable for all TPRM questionnaires (proprietary or industry standard)

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Questionnaire Killer evidence correlation

Streamlines onboarding and re-assessment

Questionnaires have always been a constant source of pain and friction for you and your third parties. Now, there is a faster, cheaper, and more accurate approach to automate responses within your onboarding/due diligence questionnaires, periodic reassessments, and ad-hoc reassessments (IT control, compliance, privacy, etc.)

Systematic and objective control validation

Mirato’s Questionnaire Killer doesn’t just alleviate your workload. It improves risk visibility through a more comprehensive and effective data-driven approach and provides a clear audit trail correlating questionnaire answers to evidence, with greater consistency and process integrity.

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Great for your organization, great for your third party

Questionnaires often require significant “back and forth” between TPRM, Line of Business and your third parties. This slow, manual and repetitive exercise creates a negative brand for TPRM within your organization and fatigue for the third party. Mirato’s Questionnaire Killer automatically “pre-answers” your questionnaires by analyzing and correlating evidence from your Third Party’s documentation, for a faster, easier way to answer and validate the questions, eliminating a cumbersome process for everyone.

Significantly reduce the time and manual effort around questionnaires, give valuable analysts the time they need to focus on strategic risk management and make better human decisions faster, instead of drowning in data administration.

While traditional TPRM solutions automate workflow, Mirato automates the actual manual work.

Miratos’ Questionnaire Killer is based on the revolutionary and advanced NLP and correlation engine specially developed for The Mirato TPRM Intelligence Platform. This breakthrough technology is designed, built and optimized to understand and correlate all of the information associated with Financial Institutions’ TPRM exercise, including both structured and unstructured data.

Winner of the 2022 Merit Technology Award (Fintech), Mirato was named a "Vendor to Watch" by IDC and a "Vendor Driving Innovation" by Gartner.

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Mirato Merit Award
Winner of the 2022 Merit Technology Award  Fintech Category
Mirato awards Risk markets Technology Awards 2023
Best use of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Mirato banking tech awards

Highly Commended Finalist in the Best Smart Banking Tech Solution AI-Driven Data Insights category

Mirato awards

Vendor to watch
IDC® MarketScape: TPRM Software 2022 Vendor Assessment.

Mirato awards
Vendor driving innovation in Risk and Compliance Management 
Gartner® Competitive Landscape: Integrated Risk Management report