Mirato’s TPRM intelligence platform elevates existing Third-Party Risk Management programs and tools by streamlining an entire operation’s data into one smart platform.

Using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Mirato validates and enriches this data, turning it into actionable insights. What was previously multi-destination, manual-intensive labor is now replaced by the Mirato platform and is easily managed from one dashboard. This saves time and money (up to 60% of assessment costs) while increasing an organization’s ability to mitigate risk in an ever-evolving risk landscape.

Winner of the 2022 Merit Technology Award (Fintech), Mirato was named a “Vendor to watch” in the IDC® MarketScape: Worldwide Third-Party Risk Management Software 2022 Vendor Assessment. it was also featured as a vendor driving innovation in Risk and Compliance Management in the Gartner® Competitive Landscape: Integrated Risk Management report.


Machine insights, human decisions

Through automated smart processes, we flush out risk, save subject matter experts a considerable amount of work and allow them to make the most of their time and intellect

Operating in close alliance and design partnership with leading financial institutions, Mirato addresses the rapidly growing third-party risk management challenges faced by banks in an increasingly complex world.

Our Values

Un Silo

All elements from various domains and data sources are funneled into one manageable orchestrated-platform with clear risk tiering, trends overview and unified scoring.

Fast Assessment

Shorter duration assessment based on quality data saves time and money.  Mirato can cut assessment costs to an estimated third of current expense.

Risk Visibility 24\7\365

The automated system will keep assessing for threats continuously and will alert you in real time when any important event is happening, to empower impactful, strategic and tactful decision-making


Varied domain expertise built into the system to assess third parties, concentration risk and fourth parties both directly (questionnaires) and indirectly(through a multitude of surface and deep-web data sources

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Management team

Aki Eldar b&W
Aki Eldar
CEO, Co-founder
Aki Eldar b&W
Aki Eldar | CEO, Co-founder

Co-founder & CEO of Mirato – Entrepreneur, mentor and high-tech executive, Aki Eldar brings to Mirato more than two decades of senior-level management experience as CxO and CEO of Variance Technologies. Aki worked for the Israeli government and was the founder & CEO of Secure Islands Technologies, which was acquired by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Aki’s professional expertise and proven track record have led to cumulative sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars spanning multiple global industries, ranging from cybersecurity to enterprise software, telecommunication, networking and defense.

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Etai Hochman
Etai Hochman
CTO, Co-founder
Etai Hochman
Etai Hochman | Co-founder, CTO
Founder & CTO of Mirato -Industry recognised technology and innovation leader Etai Hochman is successfully breaking norms across a wide range of industries, from improving academic education for gifted children in mathematics (Bar Ilan University Israel) to optimizing the radio networks of the world’s largest mobile operators (Intucell acquired by Cisco) to unlocking a new breed of cyber insurance for enterprises (Founder of At-Bay). While still in high school, Etai earned a B.Sc. in mathematics from Bar Ilan University before enlisting to serve in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel, where he worked for six years creating a new breed of strategic cyber infrastructure that unlocked new operational capabilities for Israel.  During his tenure there, he also completed an MBA from Tel Aviv University.
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Daniel Nir
Daniel Nir
HR manager
Daniel Nir
Daniel Nir | HR manager

Daniel is responsible for the company’s people organization, including strategy, planning, recruiting and developing innovative initiatives that ensure engagement, retention, a commitment to excellence, growth, and a powerful employer brand.
She brings with her more than eight years of domain expertise. Prior to joining Mirato, she served as HR Manager at Bagira Ltd., a provider of simulation systems for army forces and defense organizations. In this role she established and led the company’s HR infrastructure and strategy.

Daniel holds a BA in behavioral science as well as an MA in Organizational Development and Consulting from the College of Management Academic, in Israel.

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Jochanan Sommerfeld
Jochanan Sommerfeld | CPO
Passionate information technology and cybersecurity leader for the last 30 years.
Jochanan co-founded several successful businesses, served as CEO and as an advisory board member of numerous innovative technology ventures.
He has a winning track record in building and bringing organizations to operational and technological excellence.
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Eliana Berman
Eliana Berman
Director of Product
Eliana Berman
Eliana Berman | Director of Product

Eliana has over 20 years of experience in software development in domains ranging from development to product management. She has worked in the Fintech, intelligence, big data, and utility sectors. She has an MBA from Tel Aviv University and is passionate about the convergence of UX and business empowerment. Eliana is an avid open-water swimmer and volunteers as a swimming instructor.

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Daniel Ravner
Daniel Ravner | CMO

A multi-award-winning veteran of the content, marketing, and innovation worlds, Daniel Ravner is the Founder and CEO of social impact startup The Perspective and RAVNER (International marketing for startups agency). His Former roles include being Head of Digital at Armoza Formats, VP content at The Box and creative director of Screenz. His Workshops and presentations on digital culture, polarization, and marketing were held globally for organizations ranging from Columbia University to Google. Daniel won the prestigious fellowship for the Entertainment Master Class and was featured in the Globes ‘40 under 40’ list. in September 2021 he released the best-selling book “What The Hell Are They Thinking?”

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Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw
Director of Sales
Brian Shaw
Brian Shaw | Director of Sales

Brian has worked in business process automation targeting risk and compliance for over 25 years, supporting hundreds of fortune 500 and mid-market firms across all industries.  Since 2011 Brian has focused on Third-Party Risk, Compliance and Performance Management for the Financial Services Industry, as well as Master Data Management and Know your Customer (KYC) challenges. At Mirato, Brian serves as Director of Financial Services Sales responsible for sales to Financial Services firms in North America and Europe.

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Assaf Schwartz
Director of R&D
Assaf Schwartz | Director of R&D

Director of R&D of Mirato is an out of the box thinker, diligent and passionate about leveraging technology and software systems to effectively solve complex problems. Assaf had a long tenure at the Prime Minister’s Office, where he served in multiple roles, which allowed him to hold a broad perspective for solving multi-disciplinary problems, while also earning his Msc. in Computer Science.

Later on, Assaf joined Cisco to provide solutions to the biggest telecom operators in the world and successfully led teams to excel.
After Cisco Assaf was a founding team member of At-Bay, a Cyber Insurance startup.

Assaf is a natural tech leader with vast knowledge of many domains and with the patience and dedication to help his team grow.

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joseph Lau
Joseph Lau
Director of TPRM
joseph Lau
Joseph Lau | Director of TPRM

Joseph has served in a variety of senior leadership roles in Audit, Risk & Compliance, Technology Infrastructure, and Information Security for over 20 years, most recently as Vice President of Third-Party Assessments at Santander Bank. Prior to joining Santander Bank, he was Vice President of Third-Party Assurance at Citizens Bank. Joseph has also held various roles in information security & technology in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

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Come work with us
Frontend Engineer
Israel , Tel aviv

Mirato is looking for a Frontend Engineer

Mirato’s TPRM intelligence platform elevates existing Third-Party Risk Management programs and tools by streamlining an entire operation’s data into one smart platform. Using natural language processing (NLP) and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), Mirato validates and enriches this data, turning it into actionable insights.  What was previously multi-destination, manual-intensive labor is now replaced by the Mirato platform and is easily managed from one dashboard. This saves time and money (up to 60% of assessment cost) while increasing an organization’s ability to mitigate risk in an ever-evolving risk landscape.


We’re looking for a highly motivated and skilled, Frontend Engineer to help us build our products. An engineer that can turn designs into a working product user interface and has proven experience in various steps of the life cycle, from design and development to testing.

We are developing a unique Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) product. You will own help develop our visualization engine frontend, a crucial component that will be key to the success of our product.

Job Responsibilities
  • Rapidly bringing Photoshop/Figma/similar design to life on the web
  • Working with UI/UX designers to identify design problems before designs are finalised
  • Writing very testable and fully tested code with unit tests and end to end tests
  • Developing code that will easily adapt to rapidly changing APIs and remain stable irrespective of backend infrastructure changes


Required Experience
  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Strong knowledge of Javascript
  • Knowledge of TypeScript
  • 3+ years of React development in at least 2 different projects
  • Familiarity with Redux
  • Familiarity with Redux Saga
  • Experience with Styled Components
  • True team player
  • Autodidact, self-sufficient and self-motivated
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Experience with React MATERIAL-UI or similar
  • Experience with SSR
  • Experience with responsive email frameworks
  • Experience with GraphQ
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