Mirato’s Values

This is what Mirato stands for:

Our values are the principles we, as a company, care about most. They should be evident in the full range of our operation, from the daily interaction between team members to the outermost interaction with clients. They guide our choices regarding people, products, and processes. 

Our company culture is how we live out the following values:


People First

Be it employees, colleagues, clients, suppliers, or investors, always see the person in front of you and make an effort to understand the specifics of their needs and goals. Be generous, transparent, and respectful in dialogue and actions. Remember that the ultimate purpose of our technology is to empower people.


Customer Obsession

Focus on the customer. Strive to deliver more than expected. Go above and beyond to make every engagement, be it personal or via our products, a beneficial one. Consistently take action to be trustworthy, accountable, and value-driven.



We are here to make a difference. Our goal is to introduce a different, better, creative, result-driven way of helping our clients meet their goals. We understand that no innovation is possible without allowing room for mistakes, and within the company, we provide it.


Be Exceptional

Own your domain. Be the best at your choice of profession, and understand that excellence starts where the 100 percent ends. For you and others, allow the space to learn and grow. Welcome feedback from anyone. There are always new things to be learned and ways to get better.


We are the sum of our actions, more so than our ideals or thoughts, so our values can only gain meaning if we act upon them and in their light.