(Webinar) AI for TPRM – What you need to know to stay ahead

| By The Mirato Team

(Video Below)

AI is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It has already transformed transportation, marketing, and retail, to name but a few areas. It is also currently driving the most meaningful shift that TPRM has experienced since its inception.

AI is playing a growing role in the risk environment, and it is shaping the tools we have to address and mitigate risks.

This presentation will provide a clear view of the ways in which AI plays an increasingly important part in the world of TPRM (especially for Financial Institutes). It will provide actionable insight and best practices to enhance programs in varying levels of maturity.  

The speaker is Etai Hochman, Mirato’s Co-Founder and CTO. He is an accomplished technologist and entrepreneur in the areas of TPRM, cyber, and insurance.

Talking points will include: 

  • Origin – a brief history of AI,  Breakdown of technologies in clear terms – what is Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and NLP?

  • What has AI done to other industries, and what does it say for the future of TPRM?

  • What tasks can AI take from TPRM? What current tasks are out of AI’s scope?

  • Where to start with integrating AI into TPRM procedures and how to make the business case for receiving the support to purchase the technology?

  • Best Practices – how to ensure successful adoption of AI (not replacing people but making them more efficient) and how to achieve optimal results?

  • The risks of AI – addressing the developing NIST AI risk management framework. What third-party risks does AI enable (where does AI play a role in terms of threats)?

  • What is the future of the future…the next steps for AI (2026)

This webcast aired on October 18, 2022 in partnership with Compliance Week