Video : The Why and How of Digitizing TPRM

| By The Mirato Team

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About the session:

The nature and number of third-party risks have changed immeasurably in the past 15 years. Experts have honed their TPRM programs to assess the growing number of controls even while having limited resources at their disposal. In the process, visibility was compromised.

Enter digitization.

In this practical session, Etai Hochman, CTO and Co-founder of Mirato, will discuss why a new frame of mind is required in a post-Corona TPRM world. What are the risks of avoiding digitization? How can you overcome a natural resistance to digital change? Where would TPRM innovation come from, and why is it about a new frame of mind rather than, to a lesser extent, a new platform, algorithm or code? Lastly, what can you do tomorrow to enhance your TPRM program.

The session we will discuss:

  • The gap between current TPRM and the evolution of perils
  • Black swans – expecting the unexpected risk
  • What’s in it for you
  • How to get your organization to embrace TPRM digital transformation
  • Importing innovation – the “Shift Left” frame of mind
  • Practical tips for successful “Shift Left” implementation